This Restorative Justice Life

"The Wake Up" w/ Michelle MiJung Kim

September 23, 2021 David Ryan Castro-Harris Season 1 Episode 52
This Restorative Justice Life
"The Wake Up" w/ Michelle MiJung Kim
Show Notes

Taking a break from TRJL today to share the first two episodes of my NEW podcast "Diversity & Inclusion: Revolution or Reform" learn more and subscribe at:

“If you want to journey with me in this transformation work and this work of social justice, then for me, the prerequisite is your earnest desire to change” - Michelle MiJung Kim

Welcome to the first episode of the podcast Diversity & Inclusion: Revolution or Reform? We are honored to welcome and delve into Social Justice work with Michelle MiJung Kim. Through our conversations we are introduced to Michelle’s start to diversity work, her biggest struggle within D&I work and her truest D&I confession.

Guest Bio

Michelle is the co-founder and CEO of Awaken, a published author of her newest book, The Wake Up (coming this September y’all!), a writer, speaker, entrepreneur, and lifelong activist. To Preorder her book The Wake Up visit

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